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North Country Baptist Children's Home (NCBCH) is a children's orphanage located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Due to this countries severe poverty a large number of children have been orphaned or  abandoned to live on their own.  Many of these children, who are trying to survive on what can be found at the municipal garbage dump, die of starvation or  become prey to the child sex traders.  It is not uncommon for some poverty stricken parents to sell their children as child sex slaves. Due to the disappearance of thousands of children, the Cambodian government will not allow children taken into orphanages to be adopted out. NCBCH is committed to raising  the children in our care to adulthood.  We need your help to be able to provide  the food and supplies necessary for their daily care before we can take more  children in.  We currently have 27 children in the orphanage, but turn away  children every day because we aren't able to financially support them. Our  facility can accomodate up to 100 children and each child takes approx. $150.00US each month to be fed and to have clothes, shelter and education.




North Country Baptist Church and her founding pastor, Len Crow, have helped to establish two other Children's homes.  Then, in February of 2006, Pastor Crow and two friends went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, praying to God for guidance in establishing a new orphanage.  On the Mekong River, Pastor Crow met a little girl whose feet were deformed.  She was missing both hands and had a bag hanging around her neck where people could place money as she was begging from them. She was just one more beggar among the many he saw begging for food. Many children as young as 5  were fending for themselves in the streets and eating out of garbage bins, it was not uncommon for children to be left to die in the garbage heaps because their mothers simply could not feed them. This image of extreme poverty and hardship among the street children of Phnom Penh, Cambodia burned into his heart.

Joined by the friends from North America and Canada, Pastor Crow felt led to provide the children of Cambodia with the stability of a home where they would  be safe from disease, hunger and prostitution.  By the end of 2006, God had provided the funds to purchase land and construction of the orphanage began. In January of 2007, a meeting was held with the Cambodian Secretary of State to  register North Country Baptist Children's Home. Within 3 weeks, 70,000 bricks  had been laid, 3,000sqf of concrete floor placed, and a roof installed over a  200ft long building.

One of the first children to be taken in  was Adam.  He entered the orphanage on June 21, 2007, at 3 months old. His  mother asked that the orphanage take him because she could not care for him  and he was starving to death.  Adam weighed only 6lbs and was unable to drink more than 20ml of milk.  With tender, constant care Adam's frail body began to fill out.  Adam was, literally, rescued from starvation.  Today, he is a happy and talkative young boy.


NCBCH needs your help to enable the rescue of up to 100 children from the streets of Cambodia.  We receive daily  requests to take children in, but the funds are not available. How can we accept them if we don't have the ability to provide ongoing support?

We need your help. There is no government relief available and many of these children don't have relatives to take them in.  They are desperate for your help. Your money today buys these children food tomorrow.  It is that simple.  North Country Baptist Children's Home has developed from vision to reality by the generous contributions of many people. Your financial support can change the direction of a child's life in Cambodia. With your help we can meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of these children and provide them with an education for their future.

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